Start sending data to DEXCell EM


DEXCell EM supports multiple data entries in different protocols and formats, through automatic or manual processes initiated by the user.

The main option (recommended) is the automatic data shipment through our insertion API, where the datalogger or external system performs regularly calls HTTP/S using JSON format with real-time data from the meters. For more information visit the following article 

Alternatively, DEXMA has set up integrations with multiple hardware devices and data providers via web services or databases. These integrations can be active (pull) or passive (push), depending on whether DEXMA is going to actively seek the data source, or if it is the source which sends data to servers DEXMA. Some of the most common mechanisms are:

  • Using the Modbus protocol, with our DEXGate2 hardware installed in the building.
  • Using CSV files to a DEXMA FTP server (push)
  • Using CSV files to a DEXMA email server (push)
  • Through HTTP / JSON requests with a proprietary format, to a DEXMA server (push)
  • Using web services SOAP / XML with an external service (pull)
  • Through web services REST / JSON with an external service (pull)
  • Third party gateways already integrated
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