IEC 870-5-102 meter in DEXCell Energy Manager


This article contains the following information:

  1. Adding a IEC 870-5-102 meter to DEXCell Energy Manager
  2. Reading an IEC-870-5-102 fiscal meter
  3. Obtaining configuration data of a IEC-870-5-102 counter
  4. Connecting a GPRS modem to a 870-5-102 meter
  5. Activate daily readings and closing readings for fiscal meter IEC-870-5-102 (only in Spain)
  6. Activate daily readings for exported energy
  7. Quick guide LinkIEC
  8. Perle IOLAN-DS1
  9. Smart Utility Meters

1. Adding a IEC 870-5-102 meter to DEXCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with IEC 870-5-102 meters. In order to start receiving data to your account from your meter follow this steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of your main page select "Settings":
  2. Once in the Settings page select "Gateways":
  3. Select "Register a new gateway":
  4. Select IEC 870-5-102 Meter and click "Next":
  5. Fill the form with the information of your meter. You need to get this information from the meter or the utility (everything but the password is available from the meter itself, please refer to the meter manual):
  6. Depending on the configuration you'll need an activation code. Please phone us to get yours
  7. You're done


In case your IEC is configured to transfer the data by Data Calls and it loses connection at some point, we try to connect again 3 times a day with it until the problem is fixed.

Once the connection is established again, the IEC can recover up to a week of data.

2. Reading an IEC-870-5-102 fiscal meter

DEXCell Energy Manager can display IEC 870-5-102 fiscal meter data.
There are several methods to read this type of meters using the IEC 870-5-102 protocol, downloading the information directly from the meter database.

IEC-870-5-102 protocol:

This protocol allows communication in Spain with any fiscal counter of power greater than 15 kW, by using this serial communication protocol.
All fiscal meters that follow the IEC 870-5-102 protocol have very similar characteristics, being able to differentiate the following parts:


Data gathering methods for the IEC 870-5-102 fiscal meter: 

1) Real time lecture (every 15 min):
– DEXMA GPRS modem (requires a SIM card)
– DEXMA TCP/Client serie conversor 
– DEXGate2
Connection of the chosen hardware to the meter through RS232 port or infrared port

2) Interval reading (every 24 hours):
– Data call (requires contracting DEXMA RTD service for that meter)
– TCP Converter / Server Series
Remote connections to the installed company modem

3) Point reading (historical)
– DEXMA software: LinkIEC
PC connection to the meter via RS232 port or infrared port.

3. Obtaining configuration data of a IEC-870-5-102 counter


The IEC-870-5-102 counters consist of a display screen, navigation buttons, a visible pulse emitter for active and reactive power, an infrared communications port and a serial communication port.

The location of these elements may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

The structure of an IEC-870-5-102 counter is as follows:



The menu of the counters always follows the same structure. It is a nested menu, with sections, each with their respective values.

Using the navigation buttons we can go to obtain the fields that interest us.

In order to be able to read correctly, it is essential to obtain the speed and parity of the communications port to be used, whether it is the optical or the serial and the link address and the measuring point. It is very important to make sure that we use the speed and parity of the port that we are going to use, since for the same meter it can vary from the electric serial port to the optical serial port. All these parameters are available in the counter menu.

Obtaining the data

In the counter menu we can obtain the speed and parity of the communications port.

  • The speed will always be a multiple of 1200.
  • The parity can be even (P or E), odd (I or O) or none (N).
  • The measurement point can be any value between 1 and 65535, the most usual value is 1.
  • The link address can also be any value between 1 and 65535, its most usual value is 1.

However, the password can not be obtained from the menu and may have more than four billion possible values. How to get the password:

  • Search the label of the distributor
  • Call the distributor
  • Using the DEXMA linkIEC software

Important sections

L45: Communications parameters:

- 0.00.0: Speed and optical port format
- 0.00.1: Speed and format serial port

​L46: Identifiers:

- 0.00.5: Link address
0.00.6: Metering point address


How can I access these sections?

  1. Click on the Navigation button to start the automatic mode counter
  2. Move until "info." or "information"
  3. Enter. L40 Indicators will appear
  4. Move until you reach menu L46 Identifiers
  5. Enter
  6. In this menu will appear the code 0.00.5 (Link address)
  7. Move once to obtain 0.00.6 (Metering point address)

4. Connecting a GPRS modem to a 870-5-102 meter

To connect a GPRS modem to an 870-5-102 fiscal meter (only available in Spain), follow the diagram below:
Follow the following diagram:



  • It's very important to insert the sim card before powering the GPRS modem
  • The RS232 cable is a male-male 1-1 cable (pin to pin)
  • If we want to change the parity or the baudrate, we have to send the following SMS:
  • The sim's telephone number must be available only in that sim. Use multisim services where a number is shared by several sims will cause configuration problems.

Changing Parity and Baudrate

In case that the modem and the meter goes in a different parity or baudrate, we will have to send the 3 following messages to the modem. Here is explained how to obtain the basic parameters from the fiscal meter. 
  1. Changing the parity (use even, odd or none depending on the case):​
  2. Changing the baudrate
  3. Reset the modem​. That message must be sent as follows:

​​The modem will answer with an OK to the first 2 messages.

Signal quality

If you need to find out remote modem network coverage, send the following message:  


The modem will answer with the corresponding coverage: 

  • If it goes between 0 to 10 --> not enough coverage
  • If it goes between 10 to 20 --> could be possible to receive data
  • If it goes between 20 to 30 --> perfect


CSD activation ( ONLY FOR MTX_TUNNEL v7.11 OR ABOVE )

If you need to allow CSD calls to allow your the modem, send the following SMS:

  1. Changing the CSD parameter:
  2. Reset the modem​. That message must be sent as follows:



Some 870-5-102 meters like ZIV 5CTD can not use at the same time the RS232 port and the optic one. If there is another device using any communication port it may cause problems in the data adquisition.

Additional configuration

If you are required to modify further parameters in the modem, such as the APN, you can do so by connecting your computer directly to the modem via Mini-USB cable and editing the config.txt file.

 (check the attached file: Guia_puesta_marcha_rápida_modemGPRS)

5. Activate daily readings and closing readings for fiscal meter IEC-870-5-102 (only in Spain)

Please refer to the translated Spanish version (only for Spain)


6. Activate daily readings for exported energy

In order to activate daily readings for exported energy, the procedure is the following:Go to Settings > Gateways. Select the IEC device. In the menu you will see the following: 


If you also want to visualize the data in the Analysis screen, then you should go to Settings > Preferences > Enabled energy sources. There you should check the box of Exported Energy.


7. Quick guide LinkIEC

LinkIEC is a software for remote meter reading with the IEC 870-5-102 protocol (Spain only). This allows you to download data directly from the meter and upload it directly to DEXCell EM.


Below, you will find a quick guide for its use.

LinkIEC works only on Windows.

(check the attached file: Guia_puesta_marcha_rápida_LinkIEC)

8. Perle IOLAN-DS1

First of all, you have to register the gateway on DEXCell Energy Manager and verify that data are correct through LinkIEC software. Then, we proceed to configure IOLAN-DS1.

To configure it properly, you have to download and installIOLAN DeviceManager v4.4 which you will find here.

Establish connection. Select the corresponding IP and click OK. The password is: superuser.



  1. First, go to "Network" screen and click on "IP Settings"
  • On "IPv4 Settings you will have to write a static IP or choose a dynamic IP07_3711fd62fa2e96d0a3606ce3cbcfaa9b5e3409b4ec68d17da2802ee30ab1b1b0.png
  1. Inside "Network" zone, click on "Advanced" and then click to "Add"
  • Host name: introduce the name you want
  • IP Address: (introduce this IP!)
  1. Go to "Serial" zone and access to "Serial Port". Click on "Edit"
  • Click on "Change Profile" and select "TCP sockets"
  • As a "Name" you have to write the gateway "Connection Parameters" in the following format: #IMEI#-
  • In "General" tab you have to leave all the options as they appear on the following image. In "Connect to" you have to select the "host name" you have chosen in step 2.08_6eb9f85ab1ceeb9caf056b791d4fcda500a95579a43b1076722a9032e7a42acf.png
  • In "Advanced" tab, follow the following configuration:09_9eda9044f428089283729db691d6a36375ed94d63563f38b59872dc304191f4a.png
  • In "Hardware" tab select EIA-232 as "Serial Interface". You will find "Speed", "Data Bits", "Parity" parameters in your meter, which you will have configured previously in DEXCell Energy Manager. The other parameters can be configured as the following image:     10_ad98f3a688ffc02c07960cf137ce31d9b8dd606be2055223359b2e5986ed3672.png
  • In "Packet Fordwarding" tab select "Prevent Message Fragmentation" option with a delay "Delay Between Messages" of 10ms.11_03f77c5229c4511b4eebb9ff110f5c9f057a03e2c8319f930409c847abe18376.png
  1. Click on "Download All Changes"
  2. Click on "Reboot IOLAN"



9. Smart Utility Meters

IEC 870-5-102

DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with IEC 870-5-102 meters. Here you have a guide explaining how to configure them.


Support for IEC-62056-21 and DLMS is on the way. If you need to use this or other protocols not yet supported please contact


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