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Electrex Femto D4

Manufacturer: Electrex
Web: www.electrexworld.co.uk
Product and variants: Femto D4
Description: Femto D4 is a three-phase DIN-rail energy analyzer.
Measures: Electrical parameters
Compatible using: DEXGate & DEXGate 2

Electrex Femto D4 - Quick Install Guide

To follow this guide you will need:

  • 1 x DEXGate
  • 1 x Femto D4
  • 1 x USB-RS485 addapter
  • 1 x Computer
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable


  1. Install the current transformers following the following diagram:
  2. Connect the orange usb cable to the A connector, the yellow cable to the B connector and the black cable to the GROUND connector:
  3. Power up the meter
  4. Access to set up menu and configure ModBus address.
  5. Configure current transformers factor
  6. Reset meter values
  7. Power up the DEXGate
  8. Connect the USB-RS485 cable to the DEXGate
  9. Connect the Ethernet cable to your computer and the ETH1 port of the DEXGate
  10. Access the web administration interface of the DEXGate (
  11. Login (the default username and password are admin/admin)
  12. Go to the "Bridge Configuration" section
  13. Edit the line:
    to look like this:
  14. It means that there is a Femto in ModBus adress 10.
  15. Save
  16. Restart the modbus bridge or the DEXGate
  17. You're done!

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