This article includes a Description of the ISKRA X4-G2 Gateway and How to add it to DEXCell Energy Manager.

ISKRA X4-G2 - Description

ISKRA X4-G2 integrates a pulse collector, a data logger and a GSM modem in a single unit. It can collect data from up to four volt-free pulse emitters. EX X4-G2 is certified for use in the ATEX Zone 2 environment. The unit is battery powered and can operate up to 10 years.

Adding an ISKRA X4-G2 to DEXCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with the ISKRA X4 Data logger. To properly configure it to send data to DEXCell Energy Manager, follow these steps:

To configure ISKRA X4 you will need:
- X4Installer_1.22d (Windows only)
- USB Optical probe
- Internet connection

1. Configuration in DEXCell Energy Manager

The first thing to do is to create a new ISKRA X4 gateway in DEXCell EM.

  1. Go to and log in with your username / password
  2. Go to the "Settings" area > "Gateways".
  3. Click on "Register a new gateway"
  4. Select the ISKRA X4 one and click on "next". 


  1. Now, simply type a name for the gateway (Ex: Building gateway) and copy the ISKRA X4 Serial number in the Serial Number field. Then click on save


  1. Edit the Gateway.
  2. Copy the Gateway token to introduce it on ISKRA X4 configuration



2. Configuration in ISKRA X4 Installer 

  1. Connect the USB Optical probe and check the COM port assigned by Windows
  2. Run the X4Installer


  1. Select the COM port in STEP 1 of the previous image
  2. Introduce all the fields in STEP 2 of the previous image
    1. Description
    2. The Gateway token into the "Token" field
    3. Location
    4. SIM PIN and SIM number
    5. Data center phone number: (+38630324624)
    6. Backup Phone Number:  (+38630313442)
  3. Configure the different Pulse channels in STEP 3 of the previous image:
    1. Enter Name and Serial Number of the METER to be read
    2. Enter Index (Actual cumulative count in the METER)
    3. Define Impulse Factor and Units
  4. Select the time when the daily profile should start in STEP 4 of the previous image (we recommend to set 6:00)
  5. Select the time when the SMS should be sent in STEP 5 of the previous image (we recommend to set 6:01)
  6. Select Where to save the config file (.msf) in your computer in STEP 6 of the previous image
  7. Introduce the SIM card into the ISKRA X4 and connect the battery
  8. Place the Optical probe on the ISKRA X4 Optical port and click on CONFIGURE (please be sure to be connected to the internet when configuring).06_6540828d0ad82b288b0305267f27e19b9ff8911dfc9c41955adbe848a6252fb2.pngThe configuration is finished (DEVICE CONFIGURED SUCCESSFULLY).

* NOTE: Check the conditions with your SIM operator to check the cost of SMS sent to the Datacenter
* NOTE: Data is uploaded to DEXCell at 8:30 CEST AM (once a day), so if SMS is sent after this hour, data will arrive the next day at 8:30 AM CEST
* NOTE: When configuring the device, the configuration has to be sent to an external server, so it's necessary to be connected to the internet.

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