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Energomonitor gateway allows you to receive data from all the Energomonitor devices such as Optosense, Powersense, Relaysense Gas, Relaysense water, or Thermosense.


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Adding an Energomonitor Gateway to DEXCell Energy Manager


DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with the Energomonitor System. In order to start receiving data to your account from your Energomonitor Gateway follow this steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of your main page select "Settings ":01_973fdfbe15b88ba2a2daba8389b53be453978de86b14d44f63ad90fff0824a70.png
  2. Once in the Settings page select Gateways:
  3. Select "Register a new gateway":02_600a2e7374068e89a378bdeb5a7826c05c362df74d8555143ddf0b528b8f4ca0.png
  4. Select Energomonitor and click "Next" :03_46bb08024fdd6d9482989f0ee16456e946fc3f58ec3ef652af66e7f2cf41edaf.png
  5. Choose a name for your Energomonitor device, enter your device Serial Number and choose a Time Zone. Then click on Save04_852c0eae527be6f4327a311add4d4faf32989fa06faacac40670d4fdfaf8ee6a.png

Enjoy it!!

NOTE: Electrical consumptions are received as Apparent Energy (kVA). To see Active energy (kWh), you have to derive Apparent Energy multiplying per its Power Factor so that you have Active Energy (kWh).

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