"Preferences" menu


The "preferences" menu is where you can set up your account and indicate your preferences. 

In order to indicate your preferences, go to Settings > Preferences. 

1. Image: you can upload an image to your account. This image is the one you are going to see when you enter DEXCell Energy Manager. The size of the image cannot be more than to 2MB, and it is recommended to be .png. The resolution of the images has to be 200x200 px. Otherwise, the image will be cropped.
2. Metric system: indicate your preferences on area and temperature units. You can choose between m^2 or sqft and Cº or Fº depending on your necessities. 
3. Format's system

  • ​Currency placement: if you want to see the currency icon after or before the number
  • Dates: select the format of the dates: DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY  
  • Numbers: select the way you want to indicate the decimals of the numbers and the grouping separator
  • Icon set: select the icon you want to show on supplies and tariffs menu and widgets

4. Enabled energy sources: select the energy sources that are going to be activated on your account. The selected sources will appear on the analysis submenus.

​5. Type of reference meters: indicate the basic types of reference meters. For more information, click here

Note: The changes done in this menu, will affect the whole account, so all the users will have the same preferences.

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