DEXCell Energy Manager - User Manuals & Energy Academy


DEXMA offers a training online platform about Energy Management to all their Partners: the DEXMA Energy Academy


The DEXMA Energy Academy has two different blocks: one about the usage of DEXCell Energy Manager software and the other about Energy management. Thanks to these courses, you will be able to quickly train your teams both technically and commercially.

The courses consist of short videotutorials and a final exam to evaluate each of them.

Depending on the Partnership signed with DEXMA, the Partner will have access to a different number of users for free:

- Gold: 3 users
- Silver: 2 users
- Blue: 1 user 

Go to DEXMA Energy Academy! 

If you want to enrol a user, send an email to or by phone, indicating full name and corporate email.

Moreover, the following DEXCell Energy Manager user manuals are provided in pdf for printing.

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