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What can DEXMA Detect do for me?

Do you want to reduce your energy bills? Then you have two options: start guessing what you could do or use DEXMA Detect to get clear insights and energy efficiency recommendations on which actions make the most sense to pay less for your energy. 

DEXMA Detect saves you money and time by suggesting personalised energy-saving actions you can take to cut down your energy bill - without any invasive hardware, software or auditing.

How does DEXMA Detect work?

DEXMA Detect follows a three-step process: collect your energy data in DEXMA platform, compares your efficiency against similar ones and deliver personalized outcomes such as monthly energy behavior analytics, energy efficiency recommendations & tips. Take a look at this article to understand more about how Detect works

How does DEXMA Detect collect my energy data?

DEXMA Detect nourish from all the insertion options that DEXMA platform: Check this link for further details . Specific integrations to collect data are also possible (for example with utilities data lakes) under request.

How does DEXMA Detect benchmark my sites?

Once DEXMA Detect has analysed your site consumption and available metadata (geolocation, surface, activity, prices, etc.), it is anonymously normalised against a proprietary database of thousands of sites monitored in real-time around the world. We compare your building against up to 100 buildings with similar consumption patterns, weather conditions and activity. Take a look at this article to understand more about how Detect works

How does DEXMA Detect deliver recommendations? 

Using data from the last month of hourly energy consumption, you will get metrics that analyse how the building has been performing monthly, such as deviations from average consumption and climatic severity, the day and time of the peak consumption, and monthly comparisons. This information complements your electricity bill and helps out to understand your consumption habits and be able to optimise them. Besides the behaviour metrics, energy efficiency recommendations and tips are virtually simulated for your building at a technical and economic implementation level. Each recommendation has a detail of the simulation carried out. 

Who uses DEXMA Detect?

DEXMA Detect works for all kind of commercial companies that represents different activities (e.g. corporate buildings, supermarkets, retail stores etc.) It is used by end customers, utilities, energy services companies etc.. 

I am managing energy in an industrial setting, can I use the DEXMA Detect?

You can, but to be honest, it’s better not to. We haven’t sufficiently tested DEXMA Detect technology in an industrial setting to provide specific energy efficiency recommendations with confidence. Since every industry has its own specific production process, things can get pretty complex. For this reason, we recommend that industrial energy managers try the DEXMA Platform for a more bespoke solution or contact a trusted DEXMA partner.

Can I use DEXMA Detect to save energy at home?

DEXMA Detect artificial intelligence algorithms were built with commercial buildings like offices, retail, supermarkets, universities, etc. in mind. We don’t offer services to households just yet - but let us know if this is something you would like to see.

I get Detect within my license, how come I’m not getting any results? 

Getting Detect results can take anywhere between 1 week to several weeks, depending on required configuration of Detect inputs for you whole account such as historical data, geolocation, activity, prices etc.  DEXMA’s customer success team will be happy to help you within the configuration process to speed up the process so you can start using Detect as soon as possible. 

What kind of data do I need to provide?

As described in this article, you will need:

  • Electricity monthly consumption for, as a lower limit, 12 months. 
  • Meta data such as zip code, activity, area, prices, tags...

How often Detect’s results will be updated?

We are flexible to define the updates of Detect results, typically  our customers ask that the results are updated on a monthly or weekly basis.

If I’m paying too much for my energy, can DEXMA Detect help me switch providers? 

Not yet… but this is in the works for future iterations ;) Let us know if this would be a dealbreaker for you! 

I am or already have an energy manager - why should I use DEXMA Detect?

If your company already has an energy manager or dedicated energy team, high five! You’re light-years ahead of most businesses. DEXMA Detect can help energy professionals do their job better and faster while saving money in the process - just like your marketing team uses marketing automation tools or your sales team uses a CRM platform to optimise their processes.

What are the security risks? Is my data safe with DEXMA Detect?

Security is a top priority for us. That’s why we invest all necessary resources in taking every security precaution while building DEXMA Detect. DEXMA Detect uses advanced encryption algorithms to transfer all your data ensuring the highest possible protection. 

How does DEXMA Detect compare to traditional energy management solutions?

DEXMA Detect is a new way to detect energy savings opportunities at scale, reducing costs, minimising risks and increasing project output. Traditional energy management diagnostic tools such as on-site audits can offer 7% more precision than DEXMA Detect, but at a much higher cost in terms of time and resources. For many businesses, DEXMA Detect provides a much easier, simpler and cheaper way to approach energy cost reduction - or at least as a first step on that journey. 

Does DEXMA Detect offer recommendations based on gas or water consumption?

Not yet. First, we’ve started with electricity, but other energy sources will be available very soon. Stay tuned. 

Can I show DEXMA Detect financial metrics to my CFO?

Sure. The metrics you see on your personalised recommendations have been validated by a team of energy managers, so you can show them to your CFO with confidence!

I am already using DEXMA Analyse, should I switch to DEXMA Detect?

While DEXMA Analyse has been designed to offer an in-depth analysis of your sites (using hardware and sensors), DEXMA Detect leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver specific energy productivity recommendations at scale, for your entire portfolio of sites. Although we usually recommend starting with DEXMA Detect and then moving to DEXMA Analyse for deeper monitoring and analytics, both tools can be used in a complementary way. 

I have several locations configured in DEXMA Analyse with real-time data, can you make them appear in DEXMA Detect? 

Yes, if you want to use Detect you need to contact to  validate the configuration and  start using it.

Can you guarantee a lower energy bill if I pay for this service?

Only an ESCO-certified Energy Performance Contract (EPC) can guarantee that you will save you money. DEXMA Detect is not an ESCO contract, but it does offer energy measures and tips/ recommendations that fit your budget. If you execute these actions, you will generate energy savings, but if you do not, your energy consumption will continue to increase year-on-year.

Why do I have to pay for DEXMA Detect?

By implementing energy-saving actions and reducing your energy consumption, DEXMA Detect is very likely to generate revenue for your buildings or customers. For a fraction the amount you are likely to save, you will get an advanced and updated energy efficiency virtual audit composed of benchmarking, energy behaviour, tips & recommendations supported and validated by DEXMA and its global community of more than 250 energy experts. 

Any question uncovered? Please drop us an e-mail to, and we will answer you.

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