Managing the users in an account


This article explains how to manage the users in an account. It has the following sections:

  1. Configuring users - existing User Roles
  2. Invite users
  3. Change user preferences



1. Configuring users - existing User Roles


DEXCell Energy Manager has various user roles. Each role has certain permissions summarized in this table:



* The Utility Client role can see Visualization but no Analysis, inside the Analysis section.

Note: As a SuperUser will have access to the configuration menu, they will have access to all locations as well.

How to add a user

0. Login to DEXCell Energy Manager as a SuperAdmin or SuperUser.

1. In the main window choose "Settings" as you can see on the following window:

2. Choose "Users". In order to create a new user, select "Create new user":

3. Configure the new user according to your preferences. Give the appropriate permissions according to the table above. You just have to fill the following parameters and click "Create user".

(* IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure the users' email addresses are created without capital letters. DEXCell EM emails are case sensitive, this is, DEXCell EM does distinguish between normal and capital letters in emails created). 

How to give a user access to other accounts

A user can only be created into 1 single account. In the case we want to give the user access to other accounts, we should follow these steps.

1. Once we have created the user into one of our accounts, we go to the "Account management" menu. 

2. Under the "Accounts" menu, we edit the account in which we want to add a new user. On "Users with access" zone, we will have to add those users we want to give access


2. Invite users


DEXCell Energy Manager allows inviting users from other accounts to one of our accounts quickly. To achieve it, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Users and click on "Invite user"01_2d997ae858d4608be4587ecc082e5932f705c90c032105254b44fc079b58e399.png

2. Then, fill the gaps with the proper information:02_ad049e5b598ecae9fdff0022331709564dae3939722101577717b1b32d46d56b.png
  • Email: indicate the email of the user you want to invite to this account
  • Role: select the role of the new user. For more information about the different roles available on DEXCell Energy Manager, click here
  • Profile: select the profile of the user. Thus, we can share dashboards associated with this profile with this user easily. For more information about sharing dashboards, click here
  • Access control: indicate if the user is going to have full access to all the locations or if is going to have access restricted to some locations. 

3. Then, the user will receive an email where they will accept or decline the invitation to join the account. If the user does not receive the email, they should check their spam folder. 

4. Once the user has accepted the invitation, they will be able to access their new account!



3. Change user preferences

To change the personal user preferences, follow these steps:

1. Access to DEXCell Energy Manager with your user, go to the "User" menu and click to "My account"03_675b901e561d51c1fa09e806406d6a7d4fe03ecbcb03289f63d798caef5dace7.png


2. Then, you could change your own preferences:
  • Email: your own email
  • Preferred Language: select your preferred language for DEXCell Energy Manager. You can choose between 10 different languages
  • Time Zone: indicate your time zone
  • Items to view in lists: number of elements will appear on all the lists of the software
  • Reading items to view in lists: number of readings will appear on all the readings list of the software. In the case of want to delete a high number of readings on "Delete Readings" menu, we recommend setting a big number to speed up the process
  • Change password: option to change their own password. The password only can be changed by the user.




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