Obvius AcquiSuite in DEXMA


This article presents the following sections:

  1. Obvius AcquiSuite
  2.  Adding an Obvius AcquiSuite to DEXMA Platform

1. Obvius AcquiSuite

Data acquisition device. Supports:

  • RS485
  • Ethernet
  • 8 I/O Input Ports (4-20mA, 0-10V or pulse inputs)
  • Ethernet
  • GPRS (optional)

Official Website

2.  Adding an Obvius AcquiSuite to DEXMA Platform

DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with the Obvius AcquiSuite A8812. In order to start receiving data to your account from your device follow this steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of your main page select "Settings":an_adirsocomecdirisG-1.png
  2. Once in the Settings page select "Gateways":
  3. Select "Register a new gateway":addingsocomecdirisG-1.png
  4. Select AcquiSuite A8812 and click "Next":ObviusAcquiSuite-3.png
  5. Choose a name for your AcquiSuite device and a Serial Number:ObviusAcquiSuite-2.png
  6. Log into the AcquiSuite web interface. Access to Log File Data > Setup / Upload.
  7. Select: Obvius FTP, FTP URL: "ftp.dexcell.com:." and your username and password from step 5:05_e10c460a3adc1febb2d7d2e98950cb41563cc50166ae5409f0f11517c54a7040.png

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