Satel DL160 - DL170


This article includes a description of the Satel DL160 and DL 170 gateways and how to add both gateways into DEXMA Platform.

Satel DL160 - DL170 Gateway - Description

SenNet DL160 is a datalogger which sends data of sensors, meters, etc. through RS232 / RS485, IP (Ethernet) or radiofrequency.

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Adding a Satel DL161 - DL171 Gateway into DEXMA Platform

DEXMA Platform is compatible with Satel DL160-170. In order to start receiving data to your account from your gateway follow these steps:

1. Access to and go to "Configuration":dexma-addingasateldl160-170.png

2. Go to "Gateways" and "Register a new gateway":dexma-addingsateldl160-170-2.png

3. Select "Satel DL160" and click on "Next":addingsateldl160-170-3.png

4. Fill in the gaps with the properly information:

  • Name: write a distinctive name for your Satel
  • Key: write the gateway's MAC (XX:XX:XX:XX)
  • Phone number: optional
  • Time Zone: select gateway's time zone


5. Click on "Save". Now you can start sending data to DEXMA.


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