Janitza - Meters & Sensors


List of Janitza's meters/sensors compatible with DEXGate or DEXGate 2:

  1. Janitza UMG 103
  2. Janitza UMG 508 / 604
  3. Janitza UMG 96

Manufacturer website: https://www.janitza.com/

1. Janitza UMG 103

Manufacturer: Janitza
Product and variants: UMG 103
Description: DIN-rail three-phase electrical analyzer
Measures: Electrical parameters
Compatible using: DEXGate

(check file attached: UMG103 Manual)

2. Janitza UMG 508 / 604

Manufacturer: Janitza
Product and variants: UMG 508 / 604
Description: Panel three-phase electrical analyzer
Measures: Electrical parameters
Compatible using: DEXGate2

(check files attached:UMG508_Manual_English and UMG604_Manual)

3. Janitza UMG 96

Manufacturer: Janitza
Product and variants: UMG 96 RM
Description: Panel three-phase electrical meter
Measures: Electrical parameters
Compatible using: DEXGate

(check files attached: UMG96RM-20-250V-en and UMG96_EN)

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