[Legacy] Sharing Dashboards and exporting widgets


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In this article you're going to learn how to share dashboards and export widgets on the EMS Platform. 

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How to share a dashboard

Dashboards belong to each users but they can be shared through profiles. One the profiles are created you can share your dashboards in it. Learn how to create profiles here


Adding a widget into any website

It is really easy to use: 

  1. First of all you'll need the hash of your widget. Introduce this code in your website: 


<iframe scrollbar="none" src="http://www.dexcell.com:80/widgets/4cb237987752b04285548c6db54b907b/export.htm?locale=es_ES&location_hash=f63ab31ba91cdb3da78d0b33c2aee72d&time_zone=Europe/Madrid" frameBorder="0" style="height:260px;width:260px;border:0px;"></iframe>

Something similar to this will appear:




Adding a widget in a Wordpress page

Would you like to show all world how much savings are you achieving? Do you have a WordPress based website? 

If the answer to both questions is yes, now you can use DEXMA's HTML code.

It is really easy to use: 

  1. Introduce this code: 03_4b08a64411bfac36e62b896c2563c6cf3082a081a119870b4b8b248b0e3a77f3.png
  2. That's all!


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