Gateway - Accuvim II HTTP Push


In this article you are going to learn about the datalogger Accuvim II HTTP Push:


What is an Accuvim II HTTP Push?

The Accuvim II HTTP Push is a meter from Accuenergy that measures electrical parameters.

It communicates with the Platform through HTTP.

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How to add an Accuvim II HTTP Push in the Platform

The Accuvim II HTTP Push is one of the gateways that are integrated with the EMS, so to communicate Accuvim II HTTP Push with the platform is easy and quick.

To start receiving data you just have to follow the next steps:

Accuenergy website

1. First of all, enter to your Accuvim II Web server and go to the Settings menu, and then go into HTTP Push.
2. Click on HTTP POST Enable and set the fields as follows:

  • Post URL:
  • Meter ID:  The device's ethernet MAC (eccXXXXXXX)
  • HTTP Port:  80

3. Select Post Interval and Post Content
4. Click on Submit to save changes.


5. Login to the EMS with your user and password.

6. Go to the Settings section:


7. On the left menu select Gateways and click on Register a new gateway:


8. Select Accuvim II - HTTP Push and click on Next:


9. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Write a distinctive name for your Accuvim
  • Key: Write here the identifier (meter ID) of your gateway, provided by Accuvim on step number 2 (eccXXXX).
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone where your gateway is located


10. Save the changes on your gateway and all will be ready for your gateway to start sending data to the platform.

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