Adding a Socomec DIRIS G50



With Socomec DIRIS G 50, all information from metering and measurement devices communicating wirelessly or via the RS485 bus are centralised in a single device and then sent to DEXCell through FTP.

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DEXMA Platform is compatible with several Socomec's gateway. To receive data from  Socomec DIRIS G gateway's in the platform, follow next steps:

  1. First go to "Configutation":an_adirsocomecdirisG-1.png
  2. Go to "Gateways" -> "Register a new gateway":addingsocomecdirisG-1.png
  3. Select SOCOMEC DIRIS G gateway and click on "Next":addingsocomecdirisG-2.png
  4. Fill in the fields Name and Time Zone, note FTP adress, FTP user and FTP Password to configured them in the gateways configuration and click on "Save":addintsocomecdirisG-3.png
  5. Configure FTP adress, User and Password noted before in the FTP parameters inside gateways configuration.

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