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This external app allows the integration of existing PLCs accessible from a website. Thus, we have integrated web access for Power Studio, Sauter ModuWEB, Panasonic FPWeb2, etc...
That means, if you have a PLC with an external accessing, you can integrate it into DEXCell Energy Manager and see it directly from the platform.

Getting started

1. In order to create a new PLC, we click on "New PLC".
2. Then a new window will be opened where we must specify the name of the PLC we are creating and the corresponding URL.

3. We can add as many PLCs as we want. If we want to add more than one, we just click on "New PLC".

4. Then, we can add an image to each of the PLCs in order to identify them quickly.


Once we have configured our PLC, we can access to the corresponding URL clicking on the PLC. In the following image is shown an example where it has been configured the access to a Power Studio as an iframe. Clicking on the PLC we have just created, we have direct access to our Power Studio and we can control our devices without logging out from the platform.


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