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Due to the low performance of this app, we are working on its improved version. A widget is already available in the Dashboards that replaces the graph of this app, and there is more to come!

Please refer to this article for more information.


This external application calculates the Load Demand for all your devices, it compares it with the contracted load and it indicates the possible load excess penalties.

We remind you that the Load Demand is the average of the interval loads for an specific period of time. This period will vary depending on the sample frequency used by your Country. Examples: 

  • Spain: sampling each 15 minutes, so the load demand represents the average load into 15 minutes. Is the result of multiplying the 15 min energy by 4.
  • Francesampling each 10 minutes, so the load demand represents the average load into 10 minutes. Is the result of multiplying the 10 min energy by 6.
  • United Kingdom: sampling each 30 minutes, so the load demand represents the average load into 30 minutes. Is the result of multiplying the 30 min energy by 2.

​The load excess and penalties will be calculated from the billing strategy chosen for the specific device on Supplies and Prices menu. For more information about how to create and select the tariff structure which fits the best with your contract, click on the following article

Getting Started 

In order to visualise in a detailed way the Load Demand from our facility, to know what penalties and costs will be assumed in our bill, we must have configured and assigned a supply to our location.  

  1. Devices: device I want to analyse the Demand load
  2. Dates: reference dates for the period I want to analyse
  3. Contract name: name of the contract associated with the device previously selected. If the device has not any contract associated, this field will be empty
  4. Analysis: Demand Load chart 
    • The Demand Load graph will appear in a grey colour. The sampling frequency will be given by the country selected on the contract
    • The dashed blue line indicated the contracted load by periods
    • The excess loads will appear in orange
  5. Export data in Excel: we can download the readings in Excel just clicking on the button below the graph


Below the Load Demand graph, we will find a summary table with the breakdown by periods of the contracted load, the excess load and how much it represents in Cost terms in our bill 

The summary table will be given by the billing strategy previously selected. Thus, the calculation of penalties depends on how it is structured our rate.

Note: The Demand Load app will not display contracted loads for tariffs using indexed prices


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