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This application allows you to import wholesale market prices into your DEXCell Energy Manager project based on the formula you have contracted with your supplier. 

Thus, you will be able to know what represents your consumption in Euros, imported directly from Red Eléctrica Española.

Getting Started

  1. The first step before start using this application is to create the prices under Supplies and Prices menu and select the option "Based in the wholesale market". In order to better understand how to create this kind of prices, click on the following article.
  2. Once we have created our prices and installed the application, go to Settings and click on the new Application installed. Here you will be able to configure your new wholesale market prices based on a formula previously contracted with your supplier or check old prices already created.
  3. Click on "New" to create the corresponding formula
    • Prices linked: here we have to select those prices previously created in step number 1
    • Price frequency: field which indicates the frequency of the prices imported. It uses the frequency set on the price configuration of step 1
    • Hourly concepts: here we need to select all those concepts we will use to create the corresponding formula. The concepts are defined as follows: Name - Initial. The initials are what we are going to use as variables in our formula.
    • Your price has another concept?: in the case of having an additional concept per period, we will add in this section by clicking on "Add term"
    • Formula: at the bottom of the app we should indicate the desired formula using each of the previously selected concepts. Example: 0.5 * (SPO MD + + RTR + MI) v1 + - (0.1 * v2)
      NOTE: You can apply the same variable in the formula as many times as desired.


Import and consolidation of the Prices

  • Last importation: prices are imported once per day and are downloaded up to 24h ahead. That means, if a Monday at 22h data is downloaded, we will have the cost data until Tuesday at 22h. Last import date shows the date of the last import data
  • Last consolidation: Once per month, Red Eléctrica "consolidates" the prices of the month, modifying some variations and implies a change in prices. The consolidation date indicates the last time that have consolidated the latest prices.
  • Recalculate: we can recalculate and download the previous prices indicating the from and to dates.

Loss coefficients

  • You can use the loss coefficients in your formula by checking it from the list of parameters and selecting from the dropdown which tariff you have.
  • ​Loss coefficients are imported from ESIOS in 0-1 scale. Example: for 4,5% the value imported is 0.045.
  • Once the month is finished and ESIOS publishes the final results for the loss coefficients, the system recalculates the prices.

To keep in mind 

  • Prices start to be calculated at 9am every day.
  • Prices are being consolidated as soon as Red Eléctrica updates its prices.
  • Prices based on the information available in Red Eléctrica de España
  • Unable to recalculate prices before 01/01/2014
  • Once the prices are imported, you will be able to check the cost in all the menus of DEXCell EM: Cost, Reports, Cost widgets, Alerts, etc. 

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