Adding an OpenDomo to DEXCell Energy Manager


Adding an OpenDomo to DEXCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with OpenDomo ODTE and OD485 devices. In order to start receiving data to your account from your gateway follow these steps:

1. First of all, enter to your OpenDomo device through its Webserver and configure the Server and Port to send to DEXCell EM:

Port: 1730
- If you have an OD485 device you have to set it in the "Device Configuration" screen:

- If your device is an ODTE, then you have to set it in the "Configuration" screen:

2. Click on Save to save changes. Before leaving the OpenDomo device, write down its UID to use it when registering the Device in DEXCell EM

3. Then, access to and go to Settings > Gateways and click on "Register a new gateway"
Then Select the OpenDomo Gateway:


4. Once inside "OpenDomo" fill the gaps with the proper information
  • Name: write a distinctive name for your OpenDomo
  • Identifier: write the UID of your gateway obtained on step number 2
  • Time Zone: select gateway's time zone
  • Status: select "Activated" to start receiving data 

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