eTactica EG200


eTactica EG200



How to add eTactica EG200 in the platform

  1. Go to settings > Gateways > Register a new gatewaydexma-etacticaeg200-02.png
  2. Choose a Virtual Gatewaydexma-etacticaeg200-03.png
  3. Introduce a name and a key for your device (this is actually free text, but it's helpful to use the same id as on the gateway itself). Click on Save.dexma-etacticaeg200-04.png
  4. Go the Settings > Gateways menu, and edit the gateway you have just created:dexma-etacticaeg200-05.png
  5. Get the gateway's token:dexma-etacticaeg200-06.png
  6. Open the eTactica Gateway UI and navigate to Administration -> Services -> Output Dexma
  7.  Enter the "Key" and "Gateway token" in the eTactica Gateway UI:dexma-etacticaeg200-07.png

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