[Legacy] Parameter Widget - Distribution (only Location)

This article is referring to the Legacy Dashboards, if you want to use the New Dashboards, please click here.
In this article you are going to learn how to use the Distribution widget.



This widget is a Parameter widget, only available for Location Dashboards.
It displays the distribution of data under the different devices that form a group of any specific parameter. 

Parameters that can be introduced

Any parameter available in the EM Platform.

Available frequencies and periods

  • All frequencies available for each parameter in the Platform can be selected
  • The period is always the last value of the parameter, so it can vary depending on the parameter frequency (ie: Monthly parameter will show last monthly value. Hourly parameter will show last hourly value).


  • To have available data of the parameter selected
  • Note that you have to select the frequency of the parameter. Ensure that you have data from that frequency when you select it.
  • Have a group using the operation total


To Setup this widget, you must have a Location Dashboard created beforehand.

1. Get into the dashboard and click on "New widget".
2. In the next screen select Distribution on the Parameters Widgets section.
3. Name the widget.
4. Select a parameter with the frequency desired. You will see the last value of the parameter at that frequency (ie: if you select monthly electrical energy, you will see the last monthly electrical energy value).
5. Select the specific group for which you would like to visualize the parameter selected. Remember to create a group using the total operation.


Widget detailing

The widget shows:

  • Accumulated data of the parameter selected for the group selected.
  • As the selection must be a group of devices, the widget will show the distribution of data across the different devices that form that group. 




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