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In this article we are going to learn how to use the Line chart widget.



This widget is a parameter widget.
It displays in a solid line the readings of a specific parameter with a determined frequency and for a given period. Ex: Last 12 months of Monthly electrical consumption.
The dotted line represents the same condition of readings for the last period or same period last year, in order to be able to compare.
This widget is available for all types of dashboards.

Parameters that can be introduced

In Zone / Template dashboard

Any parameter that can have a Reference Device set up:

  • Electricity
  • Gas Energy
  • Water
  • Gasoil Energy
  • Exported Energy
  • Thermal Heating
  • Thermal Cooling
  • Compressed air volume
  • Temperature
  • Solar Radiation
  • Humidity
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Biomass

Remember that you can easily add new Energy Sources Reference meters going to Settings -> Preferences.


In Location dashboard

Any parameter in the platform.

Available frequencies and periods

  • All frequencies available for each parameter in the platform can be selected
  • The period is always related with the frequency of the parameter. Ex: Last 24 hours will show the readings of the parameter of the last 24 hours, at the frequency selected (from 15min to hourly).
  • The same period selected it's applied to the period to compare with the current one. Ex: Last 24 hours in a widget compared to the previous period, will compare the last 24 hours with the 24 hours previous to those.
    The periods available are:



  • To have available data of the parameter selected
  • Note that you have to select the frequency of the parameter. Ensure that you have data from that frequency when you select it.


To Setup this widget, you must have a Dashboard created beforehand.

1. Get into the dashboard and click on "New widget".
2. In the next screen select Line Chart on the Parameters Widgets section (on the bottom).
3. Name the widget.
4. Select a parameter with the frequency desired.
5. This step is different depending on the dashboard type:

  • In Location dashboard: Select the specific device that you want to visualize.
  • In Template / Zone dashboard: Select the Reference device that you want to aggregate and visualize.

6. Select the Period of time to visualize in the widget. Ex: Last 24 hours
7. Select to compare with "Last period" or "Same period last year".


Widget detailing

The widget shows:

  • Readings in a solid line of the parameter selected for the reference meter / specific device selected at the Frequency defined and for the Period configured.
  • Readings in a dotted line of the parameter selected for the reference meter / specific device selected at the Frequency defined and for the comparison period configured (Last period / Last year equivalent period)
  • Note: When hovering the widget bars, you can visualize the value of each bar/dot.
  • Note 2: You can zoom in in the widget to take a closer look at the data.



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