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In this article you're going to learn what widgets are and how can we use them to complete our dashboards. 

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What is a widget?

Widgets are small containers of information that allow you to visualize at a glance your main indicators, at a location level and for the whole portfolio of your account.

They take all the information from the data that you have available on the platform.

Individually, they can be exported to other web pages out of the platform domain, just copying and pasting their html code.

Note: Some widgets can be personalized and they offer the possibility of changing the background image.

A set of widgets composes a Dashboard.


Differences between Widgets and Dashboards

The Dashboard screen is one of the main features of the EMS platform. Each dashboard is composed of a set of widgets, from 1 to many.

Dashboards can be accessed from the left bar, once you are inside the Dashboard section.

There are 3 different types of dashboards, and depending on which type, they must be created under a Zone (Zone dashboards) or under a Location or Sublocation (Template and Location Dashboards).

In Zone and Template Dashboards, the widgets aggregate their information. 


Types of widgets available

The EMS platform offers different types of widgets, they can be classified as basic widgets and parameter widgets or widgets by location and widgets by zone.


What does by location or by zone mean?

As explained before, there are 3 different types of dashboards depending on the where you create it in the location hierarchy. Widgets are also organized according to this distribution.

This means that there are Zone or Template widgets and Location ones.

There are widgets that can be set on both types while other are specific for a type of dashboards.

Widgets that can only be set on locations

  • Distribution (Parameter widget)
  • Benchmarking (Parameter widget)
  • Basic Widget - Display (Basic widget)

Widgets that can only be set on zones

What differences have they?

Zone and template dashboard need to have the reference meters of the locations configured, while on location dashboards you can choose between the different devices assigned to that location. 

List of widgets available


Basic Widgets

Basic widgets are predefined widgets that are specifically for showing a type of information for example consumption, cost, production, temperature from weather stations... Some of them are only thought to show one single parameter.

When you click to new widget they appear on the upper part of the screen:


 This is the list of available basic widgets on the platform. 

  • Consumption
  • Consumption plot
  • Cost
  • Cost plot
  • Electrical production
  • Production Plot
  • Temperature
  • Temperature plot
  • Weather forecast
  • Consumption distribution (only zone and template)
  • Basic Widget - Display (only Location)


Parameter Widgets

Parameter widgets offer a wide variety of choices to be configured, they are able to show more parameters than the basic widgets.

When you click to new widget they appear on the lower part of the screen:Screenshot_-_2020-04-01T080729.366.png

This is the list of available parameter widgets



How to share widgets

One of the main advantages of the widgets is that they can be shared into other web pages outside the platform. So you can share the information about the main indicators outside the platform. 

Do you want to share them, follow this steps: 

1. First of all you'll need the hash of your widget. Introduce this code in your website: 


<iframe scrollbar="none" src="http://www.dexcell.com:80/widgets/4cb237987752b04285548c6db54b907b/export.htm?locale=es_ES&location_hash=f63ab31ba91cdb3da78d0b33c2aee72d&time_zone=Europe/Madrid" frameBorder="0" style="height:260px;width:260px;border:0px;"></iframe>

Something similar to this will appear on your page




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