Generic FTP Gateway


In this article, you are going to learn about the FTP and how to send data through the FTP Gateway available on the Platform.



What is "FTP"?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is exactly what it is, a specific Protocol to transfer files between computers: One acts like a server and the other one as a client.

The idea of the FTP server and client it's like the management of storage, where the server is the repository and the client is allowed to go inside to store, delete and move the items inside.

In the Platform, the server would be the FTP server that we provide you to send the data, and the client would be the App that you use to import that data, for example, FileZilla.

The Platform's FTP server

The EM Platform has a generic FTP server available that you can use by adding a Generic FTP Gateway to your account.

This action creates a specific folder, secured with a username and a password, available just for your data.

NoteThe use of this FTP server is free of charge, included in the license price.


The FTP server from the EM Platform contains a list of File Formats mapped that can be used. Depending on the format, the data must be inserted in one way or another for the EMS to understand what's being inserted.

These File Formats are called Parsers.


Register an FTP Gateway in the EMS

To register this gateway, follow these steps and select the FTP Gateway.

Once in the settings of the gateway, you have to give it a name in the Platform, select your timezone, and select the File Format, from the list of available formats, that you are going to use to insert data into the Platform.


The gateway will automatically provide you with:

  • The FTP address of the Platform's FTP server
  • The FTP user, available just for you to send the data
  • And the FTP password needed to verify that you are the owner of that user.


Send data through FTP

Once you have the FTP folder created, by registering your FTP Gateway, you can use the credentials provided by the Platform to import your realtime and historical data using a tool like FileZilla.

Check out how to do it here.


Additional information and logs

It is important to know that, regarding FTP in passive mode, we have a defined range of ports: 49152 - 49260.


Inside the Platform, in the FTP gateway section, there's a tab dedicated to the logs in the gateway, where you can easily visualize when the EMS is properly processing the files that are being sent to the FTP server.

This can be very useful to discover if the reason why the data is not being inserted is that the format used doesn't match the chosen one on the Gateway.

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