This article includes the description of the BlueBox gateway, as well as How to add a BlueBox gateway in DEXMA Platform

BlueBox- Description


BlueBox is a Modbus Zigbee gateway for remote control and energy efficiency. A communication system between ZigBee networks and an Internet server implemented on a Modbus compatibility layer.


How to add a BlueBox gateway into DEXMA Platform

DEXMA Platform is compatible with the BlueBox. To properly configure this gateway to send data to the platform follow this steps:

1. Log in into your BlueBox website

2. Select HTTP as data transmission mode.

3. Fill in the following fields and save the changes:

- Remote Service URL:

- Connection Timeout: 90

- Send every: 15 min

- Delete records sent: No

4. Write down the "HUB ID". This code is needed to link your DEXMA account with this gateway. To find the HUB ID, go to "Settings" -> "Site/STMP details"

5. Once you have set up the Live Data Export inside the BlueBox, log in into with your user and password.

6. Go to "Settings":dexma-adding-BlueBox-1.png

7. Go to "Gateways" and click on "Register a new gateway":dexma-addingBlueBox-2.png

8. Select the BlueBox gateway and click on "Next":dexma-addingBlueBox-3.png

9. Now, simply write a name for the gateway and copy the HUB ID in the "Key" field. dexma-addingBlueBox-4.png

10. Click on "Save" and wait 15 minutes till the BlueBox starts sending data to the platform.







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