Generic SFTP (external) Gateway


In this article, you are going to learn about the SFTP and how to send data through the SFTP (external) Gateway available on the Platform.



What is "SFTP"?

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol, which is exactly what it is, a specific Protocol to transfer files between computers: One acts like a server and the other one as a client.

The idea of the SFTP server and client it's like the management of storage, where the server is the repository and the client is allowed to go inside to store, delete and move the items inside.

It's very similar to the FTP protocol but more secure.

An SFTP allows you to register to the server with a user and password or with an SSH key (which provides a more secure connection).

In the Platform, the server would be an SFTP server that you provide and the client would be on our side, as the Platform would go and take the files from your SFTP server.

The SFTP server

For this gateway to work, the EM Platform requires from an SFTP server on your side that is available for us to take the data.


The SFTP server integration from the EM Platform recognises a list of File Formats mapped that can be used. Depending on the format, the data must be inserted in one way or another for the EMS to understand what's being inserted.

These File Formats are called Parsers.


Register an SFTP Gateway in the EMS

To register this gateway, follow these steps and select the SFTP Gateway.

Once in the settings of the gateway, you have to give it a name in the Platform, write your SFTP server URL and select which connection mode you want to use:

  • RSA key: The EM Platform provides an RSA public key to set up the connection with the SFTP server. To use it, the SFTP server must have a user named "dexcellsftp".
  • User/password: You should provide a user and password for the EM Platform to be able to connect to your SFTP server.

After this setup, you have to select your timezone, and select the File Format, from the list of available formats, that you are going to use to insert data into the Platform.



Additional information and logs

Maximum file size allowed

Please note that the maximum file size that the SFTP can process is 10MB.


Inside the Platform, in the SFTP gateway section, there's a tab dedicated to the logs in the gateway, where you can easily visualize when the EMS is properly processing the files that are being taken from the SFTP server.

This can be very useful to discover if the reason why the data is not being inserted is that the format used doesn't match the chosen one on the Gateway.

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