Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24


This article presents the following sections:

1. Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 description

2. Adding a Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 to the platform


1. Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 - Description


Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 is a programmable specially designed for automation applications. It can be programmed through a free software downloaded from Carlo Gavazzi website. It has two RS485 ports with Modbus protocol. In each port you can connect till 64 modbus devices from third party manufacturers. For more information look at the datasheet attached at the end of this article.


2. Adding a Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 to the platform.

The platform is compatible with Carlo Gavazzi SH2WEB24 gateway. To start receiving data into the platform follow next steps:

1. Login into the platform with your user and password.

2. Go to "Settings":dexma-addingcarlogavazzish2web24-1.png

3. On the left menu select "Gateways" and click on "Register a new gateway":dexma-addingcarlogavazzish2web24-2.png


4. Select Generic FTP Gateway and click on "Next":dexma-addingcarlogavazzish2web24-3.png

5. Write the Name, select the Time Zone where the gateway is located and in the dropdown File Format select Carlo Gavazzi Sx2WEB format. Not the FTP Adress, User and Password so you will need it in the next step. Then click on "Save".dexma_addingcarlogavazzish2seb24_4.png


6. Go to Carlo Gavazzi interface configuration and introduce FTP parameters you noted before.

7. In the same configuration interface, on the screen to define the file template to send, you have to configure it as follows:

- Name: Name you want to give to the template

- File format: csv and check on Zipped

- Name layout: Device name first

- Decimal separator: Dot

To see an example of the file format click on this Link


7. Save the changes and you can start now sending data to the platform.

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