[Legacy] Setting up a location dashboard


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In this article you're going to learn how to configure a location dashboard from scratch. 

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The EMS platform offers the possibility of creating different types of dashboards depending on the hierarchy level where you're placed. A location dashboard allows you to create one single dashboard configuration for a given location in your account, containing the information of that location, so it's a great way to communicate location-specific KPI's.

As said, location dashboards have location-specific information, so you'll only be able to see this dashboard once you're placed on the desired location. Learn more about dashboards here.  

Note: Dashboards are unique for each user, but users can share dashboards.



  • Having a least one location created
  • In order to create a dashboard on a specific location, you must be placed on the location




1. Once placed in the desired location, go to Analysis -> Dashboards. Note that when you open the software this is the default screen that appears. 

2. Click on Add a location Dashboard. 


3. Write the name and click save

4. Once created you can start adding widgets. Learn how to add widgets in your dashboards. 




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