Getting started with DEXMA Detect

What is DETECT? You will find out in this article:

Introduction to DETECT

The Platform includes three different products: Detect, Analyse and Optimise.


Detect is considered as the first step in energy efficiency journey: a savings detection tool. It determines which buildings among your portfolio offer the greatest potential for savings and what technologies they can use to be more competitive.

Detect analyses each of your buildings comparing them against similar buildings in our database, associating a mark (or grade) between 0 and 100 to each of them. Buildings with a mark close to 0 indicate a great potential for savings while those close to 100 are considered efficient buildings.

All this process does not need the installation of meters or any type of hardware.


Who might be interested in the product?

You might be interested in this product if you are currently working with a portfolio of around 100 or more buildings, preferably in the following sectors:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Sports centre
  • Hospitals

However, if your buildings are part of other sectors, do not hesitate to contact us and we will confirm you how could DETECT be executed for that specific sector.


Requirements in order to use DETECT

In order to start using DETECT, you should include, at least, monthly consumption data into the platform and organise the inserted information. To learn more about the required information plus the configuration steps that should be carried out, please visit this article.


What does DETECT offer?

Once configured, DETECT offers results in two different ways: In the platform's UI and in individual reports for each of the buildings under study.

You might benefit from these results as follows:

  • Identify the buildings in your portfolio with a higher room of improvement in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Obtain a virtual disaggregation of each building's consumption in order to better understand their consumption without investing in sub-metering hardware.
  • Discover the energy efficiency measures that would better suit your buildings, depending on their current consumption and conditions.

Do not hesitate to visit our articles about the platform's UI, report and efficiency measures to learn more about the functionalities that are offered by the product.

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