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In this article, we are going to learn how to use the Peak demand feature.

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This feature allows the visualization of the average instant power for a specific period of time. It simulates the load calculated by the fiscal meter. This period depends on the sampling frequency used by your Country.


  • Spain: Sampling every 15 minutes, the peak demand shows the average power in 15 min. It's the result of multiplying the active energy 15 min by 4.
  • France: Sampling every 10 minutes, the peak demand shows the average power in 10 min. It's the result of multiplying the active energy 10 min by 6.
  • UK: Sampling every 30 minutes, the peak demand shows the average power in 30 min. It's the result of multiplying the active energy 30 min by 2.


Available frequencies

The available frequencies in this screen are the ones that you have configured in the Preferences section of the Platform (Settings --> Preferences).

It can go from 5min to monthly.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 14.44.53.png

Available energy sources

The available energy sources by default are electricity, Gas and Water. However, these are all the available sources with the consumption parameter associated:

  • Electricity - 402
  • Gas - 420
  • Water - 901
  • Thermal (heating) - 802
  • Exported energy - 452

The limitation of the energy sources relies on the capacity of adding Supplies and Prices to the energy source in the platform.

Remember that you can easily activate new Energy Sources (that have cost) going to Settings -> Preferences.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 14.32.34.png

* In case you want to check the cost of an energy source that is not currently available, send an email to our Support Team :


1. It only works if the data is accumulated (no matters which frequency) or 15 min discrete data. 

2. For displaying data on that screen you must have configured Supplies and Prices. (More information here).

3. For visualizing a group the peak demand parameter has to be defined at the group. This information can be configured at Settings -> locations -> group information -> Parameters. 



How does it work?

1. Select the devices or groups you want to analyse. 

2. Select the dates you want to visualize.

3. Click update.


Exporting data

The data can be exported in Excel Format and the chart can be saved as an image

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