[NEW] Widgets and their types


In this article you will learn about the functionality of the Widgets and about the different types available in the New Dashboards

What is a widget?

Widgets allow you to control data and interact with it based on all the information available on the platform. The set of widgets, distributed as appropriate, is what makes up a Dashboard and allows the main indicators of interest to be obtained at a general glance.


Insert a new widget

To insert a new widget, you only need to click on +Add first widget when creating a Dashboard from scratch. Once you want to add more widgets, you just need to click on Add widget in the edit menu on the top right.


By selecting this option, you can choose between the different types of existing widgets:


For the configuration of each one of them, specific articles are indicated below.


Types of Widgets available

The available widgets are distinguished according to their typology in indicator widgets or chart widgets.


From indicators widget the single KPI is the one available as of today, with the intention of expanding the possibilities in the near future:


For graph widgets, there are 4 options available:


Each of them will be appropriate according to the situation and the data to be shown.

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