Custom theme - Branding


The platform offers you theme customization for access URL, providing Partner or Client corporate image. Here is an example of a custom logo and colours.


It is necessary to send us a picture, preferably in .png with a transparent background. If not, you can also provide us with an image with a matte "web safe" colour as a background.
The logo must have a maximum size of 2MB.

Access to custom web portal

  • Via subdomain

By default, the platform offers a subdomain ( as a custom theme URL. 

  • Via your own domain or subdomain

You can also use transparent external domains (eg: In order to configure it, you should create a new CNAME entry in your DNS manager and direct it to (

To finish the process, you will have to notify us which is the domain/subdomain that you want to use. In order to do so, you should send us via email (to an SSL certificate. The needed files are the ".key" and also whether the ".pem" or the  ".cert" and a CA (Certificate authority). Once the certificate has been received, DEXMA's systems team will include your domain in our allowed-domains list.


We will need to receive (preferably by e-mail) information about the domains you want to use so that we can customise the URL when accessing from those subdomains. To do this, you can send an email to the support mailbox of the platform including the SSL certificate of the domain you want us to implement, along with the associated key. 

The necessary files are the .cert and the CA (Certificate authority) or a .pem file containing both, as the .pem contains the .cert and the CA.

Once we have received these certificates and the associated key, .pem + .key, or .cert + CA + .key, the platform's systems team will be able to include your domain in our list of allowed domains.


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