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The platform offers you theme customisation for access URL, providing Partner or Client corporate image. Here is an example of a custom logo and colours.


1. Having a white labelled platform has a cost. Please check that this service is included in your contract or contact the platform provider.

2. To activate a Brading you need to email with the following information:

  • Send the name of the URL you would like to have ( or your own domain)
  • Send a Logo: Preferably in .png with a transparent background. If not, you can also provide us with an image with a matte "web safe" colour as a background. Maximum size of 2MB.
  • Send two colours with hexadecimal colour codes (#XXXXXX)
  • Optional: Background picture for the Log In screen
  • Just for own domain: SSL Certificate (explained below)

There are two ways to create personalised access to the platform:

A) Via subdomain

By default, the platform offers subdomain ( as a custom theme URL. *Dexma is the former name of current Spacewell Energy.

You just need to meet the requirements above.

B) Via your own domain or subdomain

You can also use transparent external domains (eg: In order to configure it, you should create a new CNAME entry in your DNS manager and direct it to (


To finish the process, you will have to provide us with the SSL certificate for that domain.

As the SSL certificates usually have an expiration date (1 year usually). This process has to be done periodically. The user is responsible for sending the new SSL certificate again and with at least two weeks prior to the expiration date so that the systems team can update it.

There are mandatory 3 files to upload the SSL certificate:

  • the key
  • the .cert
  • the CA (Certificate authority)

Sometimes these last two are together in a .pem file.

With this information, the systems team together with the support team will upload the SSL certificate for your domain and your branding (colours and logo).




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