Custom theme - Branding


DEXMA offers you theme customization for, providing Partner or Client corporate image.


It is necessary to send us a picture, preferably in .png with a transparent background. If not, you can also provide us with an image with a matte "web safe" colour as a background.
The logo must have a maximum size of 2MB.

Access to custom web portal

  • Via subdomain

By default, DEXMA offers a subdomain ( as a custom theme URL. 

  • Via your own domain or subdomain

You can also use transparent external domains (eg: 
To use your own subdomain you need to access the control panel provider's domain. Once inside, get on DNS section (could be "Name server settings") and modify A and CNAME inputs.

To point your subdomain to is necessary to create a new CNAME entry and make it point to

It is very important to notify us by e-mail which one is your subdomain in order to link your custom theme to that URL. To finish the process you'll have to send us via email (to the files ".key" and also whether the ".pem" or the  ".cert" so that we include it in our allowed domain list.

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