Frequently Asked Questions


1. I have already accepted the devices but I do not see them in the analysis screens. What am I missing?

  • Make sure that the devices are receiving data. To do this, we can go to Gateways> Edit Gateway > Last data and verify that you actually have data.
  • Create a location.
  • Make sure that you have assigned the devices to the location previously created.

2. I have created a new supply for my account, but I cannot visualize the cost of my devices. What could the problem be?
In order to visualize the cost of each of your devices, you have to be sure of:

  • Having a valid contract
  • Having assigned the devices to a location
  • Having assigned the devices to a supply. The supply assignment has to be done on Settings > Locations > Assign supplies and prices

3. I have created a group of devices but I cannot visualize it on the analysis screen. What could the problem be?
In order to visualize any group created, we have to be sure to have it properly configured for each of the parameters for which the group is going to be displayed. You must make sure to have selected the basic parameters of energy (or source required) quarter-hourly, hourly, weekly and monthly.

4. I want to upload historical data to my account with an excel file, what do I have to keep in mind?

  • The excel file must not be more than 2MB.
  • Be sure that you are introducing the parameter and device ID properly.
  • Be sure that the format date is the adequate (DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm) and that the numbers are defined as numbers (not formulas)

5. I have a peak in the graph of one of my devices. How can I fix it?

  • You can remove the outlier causing this peak by going to Settings > Gateways > Delete readings. You will be able to remove the outlier by choosing it.
  • In order to make sure that the peak has disappeared, we recommend you to recalculate the corresponding parameter and check it.

6. I am trying to create a widget but I see the message "No data". What could the problem be?
When we are creating a widget, we have to be sure that:

  • The corresponding device has data for the parameter we want to visualize.
  • The reference meters are properly assigned. You can do that on Settings > Locations > Reference meters.

7. I am trying to generate a bill simulation report. What do I have to keep in mind?

  • That the Main device has data.
  • That the"Main supply meter" is properly configured.
  • That there is a valid contract.
  • That the devices have been assigned to their corresponding supply.

8. ​Values are higher or lower than expected. What has happened?

Most energy meters use current transducers with a specific transformation rate, for example: 500/5 (500 A in the transducer will result in 5 A on the meter). It is necessary to configure this ratio on the energy meter to ensure that the data is correct.

9. Which is the maximum longitude of an RS485 cable?

Following the specifications of RS485 protocol, the maximum length at 100 Kbps is 1200 meters but there are many factors that can reduce this effective length (electromagnetic interferences, damaged connections, ...). For better results use always industrial shielded cable.

10. How many devices can be on the same RS485 bus?

The RS485 specifies that a maximum of 32 devices can be placed on the same bus. Addresses must be between 1 and 255.

11. Which browsers are supported in the EM platform? 

We fully recommend using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using IE, we assure the compatibility from IE 11 and above.


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