Access Token App



In this article, you will learn how to install and use the Access Token app.

What is the Access Token app

The EMS has a Public API service. This API allows you to insert and retrieve information from the platform. You can find all the documentation needed to extract/insert information from the API in

Each of the calls in the documentations (all the actions you can do with our API) has some security requirements. For most of them, a permanent token is required, and usually this token is created in the Handshake process.

There is a faster way to get a token if you just want to retrieve information (reading mode): the Access Token App.

How to use the Access Token app

1. Go to the account where you want to retrieve data via API

2. Go to the Apps Market (Icon with three lines and an arrow, in the top-left corner)

3. Search Access Token app and install


4. Go to Settings (Gear icon, in the top-right corner)

5. Go to the Access Token section in the menu on the left.

6. You can use the token that appears there in all the GET API calls that require the x-dexcell-token.


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