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In this article, you're going to learn how to use the Location map App, available in the Apps Market inside the Platform. Screenshot_-_2020-08-18T090727.066.png
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This application allows visualising the consumption of all your locations in Google Maps! It allows generating a ranking between all the location with the option of using custom ratios for benchmarking and filtering by consumption.


Available frequencies

The available frequencies in this App are all the frequencies that you have configured in the Preferences section of the Platform (Settings --> Preferences).

It can go from 5 min to daily.



Available energy sources

These are all the available energy sources with the consumption parameter associated:

  • Electricity 
    • Active Energy - 402
    • Reactive Energy - 404
  • Gas 
    • Gas Energy - 420
    • Gas Volume - 419
    • Gas Volume Normalized - 421
  • Gasoil 
    • Diesel Fuel Volume - 432
    • Diesel Fuel Energy - 433
  • Heat
    • Thermal Energy - 802
  • Production 
    • Produced active Energy - 451
  • Temperature
    • Temperature - 301
  • Water 
    • Water Volume - 901



In order to be able to use this app you will need first:

  1. To send data to the platform.
  2. To accept the devices and datapoints generated when the data gets into the platform.
  3. To assign those devices to their corresponding location.
  4. To configure the reference meters for each location.
  5. To install the app through the EMS platform Apps market.
  6. Configure the postcode on the location settings.


How does it work?


The Location Map App, once installed, will show up in your root and zone dashboards.

General configuration


1. Date range picker: select the period of time for the analysis. You can use the presets available to move quickly (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last month...).
2. Energy source selector: select the energy source from the ones available
3. Device selector: select the "Reference meter" type which you are going to compare among all your locations. You can select Main consumption, HVAC, Machinery, Lighting...
4. Parameter: select the parameter which you want to visualise among the reference meters of your locations.
5. Ratios: you can divide your consumption over the desired ratios and compare in a more realistic way all your locations taking into account external factors. By default, it is selected the "Surface" ratio.
6. Ranking: clicking on "Show ranking", you will be able to visualise a detailed ranking of all the locations, indicating its corresponding energy consumption.


As can be seen in the previous image, the ranking will differentiate 3 groups of locations depending on the percentile, indicated below, where the consumption of the site belongs:

  • Efficient: if the consumption value is lower than (mean - mean*0.2)
  • Normal: On the other cases.
  • Inefficient: if the consumption value is bigger than (mean + mean*0.2)
  • No data

Each of the locations will be listed with the basic information and the consumed energy for the selected period of time. Moreover, a filter can be applied to the ranking to visualise a specific consumption range.

Clicking on "Download", you can download an excel file with the ranking according to the selected ratio or ratios.

Moving the cursor over the map, you will see in detail each of the locations and their rate of consumption. Similarly, you can quickly see if the location is not so efficient according to the colours specified above.



This is a free app, so you won't have to pay to download it.

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