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In this article, you will learn how to use the Synoptic App, available in the Apps Market within the platform. The article is divided into the following sections:



This application allows you to create synoptic charts which simulate your installation through charts and indicators (text and numerical).


Available frequencies

The available frequencies in this screen are the ones that you have configured in the Preferences section of the Platform (Settings --> Preferences).

They can range from 5min to monthly.



In order to be able to use this app you will need first:

  1. To install it through the Apps market.
  2. A gateway with available devices. For more information on the necessary configuration steps for the devices creation and visualisation, check this article.

In order to edit synoptic charts, you will need to have Super Administrator, Administrator or Manager permissions, and access to the location or area where you want to configure the box.

In order to visualise synoptic charts, you will need to have access to the location or area where you want to configure the picture.

Network requirements

In case your network is protected, you need to make sure to enable/whitelist the following URL/IP and port:

- URL:
- Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS (forces HTTPS)
HTTP Port: 80 / HTTPS Port: 443

How does it work?

  1. First of all, you have to upload an image which represents your facility where you will add as many indicators as you need.
  1. Once you have imported your image, you can see 5  buttons at the bottom of the app:


 From left to right, the buttons will take you to the following menus:

  • Visualisation: view where you can see the result of your synoptic chart with all the indicators.
  • Edition: view where you can edit your synoptic chart and add all the desired indicators. This view is only available if you access as a manager, admin or superadmin user.
  • Add a new image: view to modify the current image that represents the synoptic chart. This view is only available if you access as a manager, admin or superadmin user.
  • Export as HTML code: allows you to export the synoptic table as HTML code, to insert it in your own website.
  • Delete Synoptic chart: this allows you to delete the currently selected Synoptic chart.

You can also see the synoptic chart selection menu:


This menu at the bottom of the app screen allows you to select which Synoptic chart you want to display. The plus sign allows you to add a new chart to the currently selected hierarchy level (top screen menu).

  1. In the edition mode, you can add the indicators and edit a chart's name. To add a new indicator, point on the screen where you want to exactly add the indicator. A pop-up with all the options to customise the indicator will appear.
  • Name: indicate a name for the indicator. This field is optional.
  • Text style: option to edit the text style (size, bold, italic, underlined)
  • Text colour: you can modify the colour of the text (using the hexadecimal code or using the colour map). You can also modify the transparency of the text.
  • Box colour:  you can modify the colour of the box (using the hexadecimal code or using the colour map). You can also modify the transparency of the box.
  • Device: dropdown where you can select the desired device to create the indicator. You can select any device from the current zone, location or sublocation to which you have access, as well as any devices that are in the underlying hierarchy levels.
  • Parameter: parameter to represent from the device previously selected (if you have selected one).
  • Date range: period of time to represent (last inserted value, yesterday, today, last 7 days, last 28 days, etc).

Once the indicator is configured, you must save it using the "Save" button.

  1. You can change the size of each indicator. Just put the cursor on the corner of the box and make it smaller or bigger. Also, you can drag & drop each indicator and adjust exactly on the corresponding pixel of the image
  2. In the right-hand corner of the app, is shown the date and the time of the last update of the values represented in the synoptic chart.

Editing the name of a Synoptic Chart

When you create a new chart, it will have a default name that you can change. Move to the edit screen, and the selection menu will change into a text box:


To save the name of the chart, move to the view menu.

Adding more synoptic charts

In the view menu, if you press the plus sign you can add a new chart to the currently selected location.


You can add a new image to start creating the new synoptic chart:


Once the image is uploaded, the new chart is available for edition. You can add indicators and change its name.


Now in the view menu, you can select which Synoptic to display:




Exporting a synoptic chart

As with widgets, synoptic charts can be exported into HTML code, which can be embedded into a web page outside the platform. To do this, click on the link button in the bottom menu:



When you click on this button, the following box with the link to the HTML code for export will appear:


The code can be copied and pasted into an external web page, so that it can be viewed from any web page, without the need to enter a username and password for the platform.


To keep in mind

  • The export functionality as HTML code is limited to 100 queries per hour. If a synoptic table is queried more than 100 times per hour, you must wait until the next hour for the table to be available.
  • Zone synoptic charts are only available for devices that are directly assigned to the zone. Devices from locations that are located within the zone will soon be available, provided the user has access to them.
  • The exported synoptic chart will only display the devices that the user has access to. If the user gains or loses access to other locations, the synoptic chart will be affected, and so will the exported chart.
  • If you select a group device which does not have all the frequencies configured, the dashboard will not respond until the frequency is added for that group. You can learn more about groups here.
  • You can display only the values of an indicator, and hide the box around it by setting up the alpha (A in the screenshot below) from 100 to 0 when defining the box colour:



Here is shown a couple of examples of different synoptic charts in order to get an idea about what you can create using this application!

All these examples use an image that is uploaded, and add box indicators created with the app.

Installation diagrams





Portfolio summary view

Using several devices from across all underlying hierarchy levels, you can configure a zone dashboard that displays information from different locations. This dashboard aggregates the electric consumption from yesterday for the listed buildings:




This is a free app, so you won't have to pay to download it.


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