Import Occupancy and Production Ratios


In this article, is explained how to import historical Occupancy or Production data to the platform and use them as a ratio for the analysis screens. 

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Occupation and Production ratios are used for analyzing consumption in a detailed way. 



  • Having a Location or sublocation configured. 
  • Have assigned devices to their corresponding location.  
  • To have data of occupation and production on the devices assigned to the location.



Import Occupancy and Production data

  1. Go to Settings > Gateways > click on "Register new gateway > and create a new virtual Gateway under your account. You can find more information on how to create it here.
  2. Edit your new gateway > click on "Insert EXCEL" tab and then > "New data import". Here you can find the "template.xls" you will have to use to upload data to the platform. 
  1. Now it's time to fill the Excel file with the Occupancy or Production data. 
    • Device: here you will have to introduce the ID of your devices. In the case you have created a new gateway and you don't have any device yet, just introduce an identifier number such as 1 or 2. 
    • Parameter: as a parameter you have to indicate which type of data are you importing (occupancy or production) and the corresponding frequency. Imagine you want to import monthly occupancy, so you have to introduce the number 12141 (4 as a monthly frequency and 1 as a discrete value). In the case you want to introduce the monthly production data, you have to write the number 13141 (4 as a monthly frequency and 1 as a discrete value). For more information about parameter IDs, have a look on the following table.

    • Date: Introduce the Date following the DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss format​
  2. Click on "Select File" and the import your data. Once the file is processed, it will appear the message that you have devices pending to accept. Accept them and assign to the corresponding location. 


Define the Occupancy and Production Ratio

Once we have all the occupancy or production data, it's time to assign them as a Ratio or KPI in order to normalize our data. 

  1. Go to Settings > Locations > and edit the location you want to define the new ratio
  2. Click on Ratio tab. Here you can define the basic ratios (surface, daily average temperature, Degree days, occupancy, production, ...) or define new ratios
  3. Edit the Occupancy or Production ratio and select the device associated to this ratio
The ratios will appear as a button on all the analysis screens under the corresponding frequency:

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