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In this article, you will learn about the delete readings screen on the EMS platform and how to delete readings.

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This tab allows you to analyse the inserted values on a gateway. Using delete readings you can check the sending frequency of your data, analyse the data and detect or delete wrong values. Learn how to identify and delete peaks on the EMS platform. 

You might want to use the Delete readings screen for the following reasons:

  • A meter you have on the platform has sent some outliers and you would like to delete them.
  • You would like to check the frequency with which a specific meter is sending data to the platform.
  • You would like to see the exact readings that have been introduced to the platform (prior to the EM's calculations).


How to delete readings

In order to delete readings, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a superadmin or Admin into your account.
  2. Go to "Settings" and click on "Gateways":

  3. Select your gateway and click on the "Delete Readings" tab:

  4.  Choose the Device for which you would like to delete readings and then select the Parameter for which you want to delete data. Under "Available frequencies" dropdown, select the frequency to display: basic data (for example, 402 parameter) or the discrete one (for example, 40201). Please note that only the readings that were sent to the gateway will appear, so any data calculated by the plaftorm will not be listed here. If you are sending basic data (like the 402 parameter), you will only be available to delete basic data. If you are sending directly 15 min electrical energy (the parameter 40201), you will be only available to delete the data for this frequency. 
  5. Select also a condition if you want (as a filter) and a time range. Press on "View" button. You could leave this field blank.
  6. Now, you will see all the data corresponding to the selected time range.
  7. Select all readings you want to delete and press "Delete". If you want to delete a high number of readings, change the reading items to view in lists.

To keep in mind

  • Parameters should automatically be recalculated after deleting any reading. In case you cannot see the effect of deleting a reading in the consumption screen, you should recalculate the parameter manually.
  • It's not allowed to delete more than 6 months of data at once.
  • You can choose all readings from a page by clicking on the top checker of the table.


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