Create, configure and manage an account


In this article, we will explain how to create, configure and manage your accounts in the Energy Management Platform:

Account management Section

To enter this section you need to have SuperAdmin permissions.

You can access the section either through the option that appears clicking on the top right corner button:


or clicking in the icon that appears in the main screen with your accounts:

This menu is divided into three zones: “Active accounts”, “Expired Accounts” and “Applications”. 

  • The “Active accounts” area shows a list of all accounts contracted. In this area, you can also see the amount of datapoints that your accounts are currently using and the amount that is left for each of them.
  • You can view your expired accounts under “Expired accounts”. 
  • The “Applications” area contains all applications pending approval of the Customer Success department, such as new accounts, account extensions, upgrades, etcetera.  



Create an account 

We request a new account for the project by clicking on “Create a new account” and filling out the information on our new project: 

  • Account’s name 
  • Customer’s name 
  • License: choose your account's license
  • Datapoints: write the number of DP you wish to contract (minimum is 20)
  • Period: number of months you will want to create the account
  • Sector: specify the sector of the account 
  • RTC lines: the number of electrical meters that are going to be monitored via regular remote reading, which entails calling retrieving consumption data from the modem every 24 hours. (Only available in Spain)
  • Domain associated with emailing: if you have a custom domain choose yours
  • Comment: if you want to write any comment

Once we have filled all the blanks, we click on “Create a new account”. This will generate an application to Customer Success department for review and approval


Upgrade an account

Whenever we want to upgrade an account, because we want to be able to use more DP in that account, for example, we must follow the next steps:

To start, let's go to Account management.

There, a page like the next one will be shown, with both active and expired accounts and the Applications that are pending approval of the Customer Success department.
If we click on the three dots to the right of one of the accounts that we want to upgrade, the following menu will open.

EN accounts.png


Edit the number of datapoints

In the previous menu, we will click on Edit Datapoints.
In the screen that will open we will be able to add datapoints in the box next to Datapoints.
Note: if you want to remove datapoints from this account, for example to use them in another account, you can write a negative sign before the number of datapoints that you want to remove.
Finally, we must click Extension request to do the request to the customer success department.
EN edit dp.png

Edit the license

To do so, we will have to click on Edit license on the previous menu.
When we do this, the next page will appear, and we'll have the option to change our current license to a new one.
There we have to select the new license that we want this account to have and click Extension request to do the request to the Customer Success department.

Renew subscription

Accounts are active for one year. The Platform will inform you by email a month prior to the account's expiration date to remind you to renew it. You will receive another reminder a week before your account expires and a final notice the day of the account expiration. 

In order to renew it, we will choose the option "Renew subscription" in the previous menu.

EN renew.png

Now, you will be able to enjoy Energy Management Platform services for one more year!

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