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In this article, you are going to learn how to manage users in the EMS platform. If you want to know what is a user or understanding the different roles available, please check out this article.

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Give access to users to your account

The EMS platform offers you different possibilities of giving access to a user on its condition. Users can be created, added or invited, as a guest, to an account.


What are the differences between guests/ no guests?

Users can be added to several accounts, but they can only be created in the Platform once.

  • If you want to give access to a user that has no access to the EMS Platform yet, you must create the user.
  • If you want to give access to an already created user, you should invite the user.

If you want to invite to an account an already existing user, first you should check if it has access to any of your accounts by trying to Add the user. In case the username doesn't appear, which means that the user has not been created under your domain, you should invite the user.


How to edit a user

Configure your profile

To modify Personal information about your profile, such as your password or your profile picture, you can do it by configuring your profile.

Edit the username or email from a user different from you

If you have superAdmin (Super user) or Admin permissions in an account, you will be able to edit the users that you have created under your domain. Only the users that you have created under it can be edited.

In order to edit the information of a user invited or created on your account. Go to Settings -> Users and click on the name or the email of the user.


You can change the email or the username under the Access data section and the user role under the Account data section. 


NOTEPersonal information about the user (i.e: password) can only be modified by the same user, as explained in the previous section.


Remove a user from your accounts

When it comes to removing users, you will have to do it differently depending on where the user was created and if you just want to remove a user from one account, or you want to remove it from the whole platform. The possible ways to remove a user are: 

Be aware of the action delete as when a user is deleted it disappears from the platform and all the information about the user is lost.

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