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In this article you will learn how to use the Sentilo Export app available in the Apps Market of the EMS platform.



The Sentilo Export app allows you to export data from your account in the EMS platform to a Sentilo configuration.



To be able to use this app you will need:

1. Install it through the Apps Market of the platform.

2. A connection URL, a provider ID and a connection token for Sentilo.


To export data through the app you will need:

1. At list one device in the EMS platform assigned to a Location and with one parameter accepted.


How does it work?


1. Access the app's Settings menu (top right in orange).


2. In the setting menu you will have to:

  1. Introduce the URL from de server's API.
  2. Select the "Specific provider" option, not "DEXMA".
  3. Introduce the provider ID.
  4. Introduce the authorization token.

3. Save Settings and do a Connection test


If the connection test fails, contact your Sentilo provider to check the settings data (URL, provider ID and token).

The EMS Platform cannot provide this setting data.


4. Add components

With the "New Component" button from the app's main menu you can add the components you want to export to Sentilo:


You will need to insert:

  • Component ID
  • Description
  • Type of information you want to export
  • Location

For each component you can add different sensors, with the following information for each one:

  • Sensor ID
  • Type of sensor
  • Device associated in the EMS platform
  • Parameter that is being measured
  • Resolution or frequency

Export data

If the configuration (settings) is correct, the EMS platform will export the data to Sentilo periodically.

In the "Logs" section you can find a register of the information exchange.



This app is free, you do not have to pay to download it.

However, to use it there has to be some datapoint in the account. If more datapoints are needed, these will be charged.

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