Users in-bulk


In this article, you will learn how to create users in-bulk.


Why users in-bulk?

As you know, the EM platform allows you to create as many users as needed, in order for them to access to their consumptions, alerts, reports, dashboards and so on. Take a look at our users article to learn more about the creation of users.

The creation of the users is a very manual process in the platform (it needs to be done one by one) and this can be very tedious when dealing with big portfolios.

For this reason, we have implemented an Excel file in order to be able to set up multiple users all at once.

The process for this configuration is similar to the regular in-bulk set up of the platform: You need to set up your virtual devices in the Users in-bulk Excel file (attached in this article) and, after that, send it to our support team at They will upload the file for you and with a blink of an eye you will find all your devices automatically set up in your account.


Set up your Users in-bulk Excel file

You can find the Users in-bulk Excel file template attached at the end of this article.

Note: Each in-bulk Excel file needs to be associated to a single account/deployment. 

This template contains the option to create users with access to up to 26 locations, but this can be extended if needed.


The setup of each user is divided by columns:

  • Email: User's email. This field is mandatory.
  • Username: User's username. This field is mandatory.
  • Name: User's Name. This field is optional.
  • Lastname: User's Lastname. This field is optional.
  • Phone: User's Phone. This field is optional.
  • Language: Language of the user (a selector of the list of languages available in the platform is provided). This field is mandatory.
  • Timezone: Timezone of the user (a selector of the list of timezones is provided). This field is mandatory.
  • Role: Role that the user will have in the account (a selector of the list of roles available is provided). Check out this article to learn more about the roles available in the EM Platform. This field is mandatory.
  • Full Access: True if the user should have full access to the account/deployment. False if the user should be restricted to a set of locations. This field is mandatory.
  • Key of selected locations: If the "Full Access" is False, list of the location_keys that the user should have access to. This field is only mandatory when "Full Access" is false, otherwise it should be empty.

After the template is completely filled, please send the resulting Excel file to our Support team at, so they can import it in the platform, and done!



However, before proceeding with filling out the template, keep in mind that this task involves an additional time commitment. For further details, please consult your Customer Success Engineer.


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