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Do you want to know how well are your meters working and sending data to the platform?

With this App you will be able to see whether your devices are working or not, check if there's a lack of data for a period selected and see what would the real final consumption be, taking into account the data received and the amount of data missing (using forecasting).

Data Quality Screen


Getting started

Once you download the App, what you have to do is select the Energy Source that you want to track, the devices that you want to check if are working or not, and the period for which you want to do the query.

When you have everything selected, you must click on "Update" and take a look at the results. In this case, as you can see in the graph below, there's 1 device that has absolutely no data (active_energy1) and another one that has no lack of data at all for the selected period.



Now let's take a look at the table of results given:

As seen here, the first device has no data at all, as said previously, and has a red cross defining its status, which means that it has less than 90% of the amount of data (so more than a 10% lack of data).
In this case, we can see that there is no forecasted consumption, as it is impossible to define because it has no consumption at all.

For the third device, the amount of data received is 100%, so it has a green tick instead of the cross. In this case, the forecasted consumption matches exactly with the amount of energy actually consumed, as it has no lack of data.

The 2nd device has some data but not all of it (only 74.48% of data received). This is the case in which the Data Quality App is more useful.
Since it has less than 90% of the data, the status shown is a red cross. However, unlike the first case, it has some consumption, so it is possible to make a forecast regarding real consumption and data loss.

Exporting of data

Remember that you can also export the resultant values to a Report, if you wish so to do further analysis.
For this, you just have to use the Data quality Report. 

Learn more about this Report here.


How does the Data Quality App work?

One may wonder how does the App calculate the percentages seen in the table. The app does the following: from all the frequencies for which the data is being introduced, it chooses the smallest one. Imagine that this frequency is equivalent to 15 minutes, as the data is being introduced quarter-hourly. In this case, the App will count how many times at intervals of 15 minutes there is no data available. 

Note: Even if in the analysis it is possible to observe a continuous set of data, it may be because the program has interpolated with the data that is missing. Therefore, seeing data in the Analysis screen does not necessarily mean that data was introduced for each period of time.


Additional information

For further information on how to optimize the quality of the energy data and the app, we recommend you to check out our webinar

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