Introduction to gateways


Having your own data available on the Platform is essential to start doing energy management, and gateways have a fundamental role in this purpose.

In this article, you are going to learn everything about Gateways and how to insert data into the platform.


What is a gateway?

A gateway is a data-logger that links real data with the EMS Platform. It is the datalogger that stores all the information coming from the data insertion.

Each gateway contains 1 or more devices (meters) and each meter contains 1 or more parameters (measurable factor of a set).

A gateway in the Platform can be the gateway installed in the field (so a physical gateway) or it can be virtual.

You must create and properly configure it in order for your data to get into the platform. Learn how to create a new gateway in the Platform.


Data flow: From real life to the EMS

Data is collected from the installation through meters or sensors, where each one of them can measure different parameters like electricity, water, etc.

Sending data

The information obtained from meters or sensors is sent to the Platform through:

For more information, go and create a new gateway.


How is the data stored in the EMS Platform?

The 3 different insertion methodologies explained in the previous point are represented in the platform as Gateways.


Inside each gateway, a device is created representing each meter in the field and, inside each device, a parameter is generated representing each service (water, electricity..).

Those parameters in the platform are called Datapoints

Once the data is stored in the EMS Platform, you will have to follow a few settings steps in order to visualise it.


Real-life - EMS diagram

Here you can visualise a diagram showing the real installation VS the final situation in the EMS Platform.


Now you can start configuring your own gateways!



  • Gateway: is the data-logger used to keep the information coming from data insertion. 
  • Device: represents the meter that is measuring real data in the installation on the platform. It can store data from different parameters.
  • Parameter / Datapoint: a measurable factor of a set; a storage unit that contains monitored data of a specific parameter. They belong to a device.


Obtain MAC and Token from a gateway

How to obtain the MAC address

To obtain the MAC address of a gateway, go to Settings > Gateways > and Edit your gateway. You will find the MAC under the "identifier" zone.

introductiontogateways_05.png How to obtain the gateway token

To obtain the gateway token of a gateway, follow these steps:
Go to Settings > Gateways > and Edit your gateway. You will find the token under "gateway token" zone


There are some gateways that do not show their token in the same way in which it has been explained in the article. However, they do have a token and to know it, you can send an email to your support provider. The gateways which do not show their token are:

  • Email Multicolumn CSV
  • Current cost
  • Virtual weather station
  • Power Studio Engine (Scada, EDS, R440)
  • Aqualogy
  • EKM Push
  • WebDyn
  • Generic sftp
  • Generic email



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