Using ratios


DEXCell EM has three kinds of ratios which will help us to analyse our data:

  • Ratio by parameter. For example, rooms in use on a hotel
  • Constant ratio.  For example,  all the rooms on the hotel.
  • Ratio by date range. For example, people who works in a company. This could variate in a period.

In order to configure a ratio, go to "Settings" > "Locations" > "Ratios".

If you want to add a ratio, just click on "New Ratio". Here, we will choose between the three type of ratios.

Once you have configured ratios for your location, it's time to use it

You can normalize energy or water consumtion in "Analysis" screen. DEXCell EM will show you ratio-buttons depending on your available data.

To calculate EnPi's or KPI's simply click on ratio-buttons to divide your consumption by them. You can activate more than one if you desire. 

Example: If we would like to benchmark weekly consumption for 4 retail stores normalized by surface and degree days, we will have to click both three ratio buttons, as it is shown in image below.

In the following image, you can see that you can choose several ratio which you have configured. In this case, we show only three, but there are so many.

Each ratio has an specific simbol:



Heating Degree Day (HDD)


Cooling Degree Day (CDD)

Daily average temperature



Custom ratio

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