Using Tags and the Hierarchy of Locations


In this article, you are going to learn how to create tags. The content of this article is the following: 


Introduction to tags

The platform allows to create tags so you can filter the locations that meet certain conditions. The main purpose of the tags is to navigate though your portfolio in a easy and organized way. 


Requirements to create tags

  • To have a location or sub-location created.


Configuration of tags

Steps to create a tag

1. Access to  "Settings" menu.
2. Go to "Locations" menu and click on the location or sublocation for which you want to create a tag.


3. In order to create a tag, simply write the tag name you want. For example:
In this case, we have created the tag "3 stars", which will be useful to filter all the hotels that have 3 stars. This tag is stored and can be used for other locations.

4. Once you have created all of the tags, you will see that it will appear a filter on the top of your screen. You can filter by all the tags you want.



Navigate using tags and the hierarchy of locations


The platform allows to create tags for your locations in order to visualize only the locations which meet a certain conditions. Hence, if you have a chain of hotels, you can filter depending on the stars they have. Thus, you can analyse your data only for the hotels with have 3 stars. 

You can visualise your account from a desired point of the tree. Thus, you can select each location quickly with the tool located on the top of the screen:


You can also use the tags configured in your locations to filter by tag. If you select a tag, only information belonging to the locations that have that tag will be displayed:
In this case, the tags represent buildings built in the decades of 2000 or 2010.


Furthermore, we can use the hierarchy and tags in to analyse multiple devices in Advance Analytics, by aggregating the consumptions for all the locations under a hierarchy level, or to add only the consumption of those locations with a given tag.

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