Create Tags


DEXCell Energy Manager allows to create tags for your locations in order to visualize only the locations which meet a certain conditions. Hence, if you have a chain of hotels, you can filter depending on the stars they have. Thus, you can analyse your data only for the hotels with have 3 stars.

How to create a tag:

1. Access to  "Settings" menu.
2. Go to "Locations" menu and click on the location which you want to create a tag.

3. In order to create a tag, simply write the tag name you want. For example:

In this case, we have created the tag "3 stars", which will be useful to filter all the hotels that have 3 stars. This tag is stored and can be used for other locations.

4. Once you have created all of the tags, you will see that it will appear a filter on the top of your screen. You can filter by all the tags you want.

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