First, what is a datapoint?

Datapoints represent the variables that are monitored and inserted into the platform. One sensor may include multiple datapoints, each of them representing a distinct parameter.

A single datapoint might have associated multiple calculated parameters - meaning resolutions (15min, 30min...) and operations (delta, avg....) over a single variable.

Ex.: A device that measures active energy, reactive energy and power (each variable with multiple frequencies and operations) has 3 datapoints. DEXMA-datapoints-01.png


And which datapoints are billable (paid for)? 

In general the billable datapoints are the ones that need to be stored in the platforms memory.

In particular:

Billable Not billable
Datapoint you sent to the platform                             Groups
App: Virtual devices Derived parameters
App: Forecasting Calculated parameters
App: Carbon Emissions Degree days
  Locations metadata

How do I know my billable datapoints?

If you want to know how many datapoints we are monitoring, follow these steps:

  1. Access with a SuperAdmin user to your account
  2. Go to Account Management > Accounts

3. Under the Accounts menu, you will see the details of all your accounts including the license, creation date, expiration date... In this menu is where you will be able to find how many datapoints you have contracted and are currently in use. Just click on the number you can find on the "Used Datapoints" column.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 14.16.06.png
4. Then, we can see how many datapoints are in use and which ones are billable, divided per gateway.

If we want to activate or deactivate some datapoints, we have to access our account > go to Settings > Gateways > Edit gateway > Devices.

Here we can accept and reject devices or select which datapoints are we going to need. For further information, click on the following link.

Increase datapoints in my account

Go to account Management in your icon on the top right of the screen.


A list with all your accounts will appear. Click on "Upgrade" in the line of the account you want to add DataPoints to. It will lead you to a page like this one:


Here you can choose how many extra DPs you want.

If you have an automatic licence, the price of these DP will appear, they will be added at the time you do the update and they will be billed from that moment.

If you have a manual licence, you will need to notify to accept that update. The price per DP is the same that you had in your last bill.

Learn more about how to upgrade your account here.

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