Displayed length of name and key


Some objects in the EMS platform have a name and unique key to identify them. In this article you can check the length that these fields can have.

The length of the key or the name is the maximum number of characters that these fields can have so it is fully displayed. This means that if the key or name have more characters than what is defined here, it won't be completely visible in the platform.

Type of field Length of the name Length of its key
Zone 255 40
Location 255 40
Gateway 255 255
Device (same as the key) 64


Furthermore, the name and key have different character restrictions:

  • Name can be any string
  • Key cam have alphanumeric characters (capital letters included), dash (-) and underscore (_)

Below you have the places in the platform where you set the Name and Key of the fields mentioned. For the Devices, as you know, these fields are set when inserting data.





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