Adding users


In this article you're going to learn how can you add users on your account. 

Differences between Create, Add or Invite a user

The different ways to add a user on de platform depend on where was the user created and if the user is new on the platform or already exists.

If the user is new in the platform and doesn't have a user created yet, then you can create a new user. If the user already exists on the platform, you can invite the user to your account. Note that only users with SuperAdmin (SuperUser) permissions will be able to add users to the account, as they are the managers of each account.

How can I add a user on my account? 

The platform offers different options to add a user on your account. These are the 3 ways to add a user on an account: 

  1. Create a User: For new users on the platform.
  2. Add a User: Existing users of your accounts. 
  3. Invite a User: Existing users created on other accounts.

In order to add users to the accounts, you must have SuperAdmin (SuperUser) or admin permissions. Check the user permissions available on the platform on this article. 

Create a user

This option is used when you want to add a new user on your account that has never been created on the EMS Platform. Learn how in this article.

Give access to users on your accounts

As a user can only be created once in the platform and into one single account. In the case you want to give access to a user that has been created under your domain to another account of where he was created, you can add the user

Invite a User

If you want to add a user that has been created on accounts that don't belong to you but the user is already on the platform then you can invite the user

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